Raspberry Pi

I will come back to this soon. In the meantime I am developing a new website about Arduino boards for beginners. I ma include stuff about the Raspberry Pi there.

So, I now have my Raspberry Pi up and running: I have tried it to post a comment on this site and on my GCSE science website: Gondar Design Science and YES, it works. However it is understandably very slow to accept text.

On the Debian Image, the Pi uses “Midori” to browse the web when using Arch Linux ARM: Midori is a lightweight web browser so it puts text up in a basic font. However, it displays images without any problem and it is quite quick to display web pages.

Using Debian with a Cherokee web server I can serve HTML pages. I have to write raw HTML to create the pages and this is very tedious. However, I could probably cut and paste HTML from an editor into the SD Card and then boot the Raspberry Pi from the SD Card with the new HTML content; so this will be my next experiment. For the time being you can try this link to my Raspberry Pi.

That was all with the Debian image: it was a bit tedious and I had little control over its overall appearance. Well, I have now been all around the houses and got the ArchLinux image working. I am currently using LXDE as my desktop environment and I have much better control over the Pi’s appearance on screen. I also have the Pi in a nice little white plastic box. So the experiments commence now.